Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of VINCE ACADEMY SDN BHD (the Company):


(Company No.: 201801025964 (1287985-W))


1. By signing the Registration Form together with these Terms & Conditions a contract shall be formed between you (the Participant) and the Company.
2. Your investment entitles you to :
a) attend during the seminar hours; and
b) receive a copy of the materials if applicable.
3. The Company reserves the right to change the seminar Hours and/or the Location for any reason by notifying you in writing of the change and detailing substitute seminar hours and / or location. The Company shall also be entitled to conduct the seminar virtually (online) if mass gathering or physical presence of participants is not permitted under any law, rule or order promulgated by the relevant authority.
4. The Company shall have no liability to you. 
5. You shall make no claim against the Company (including a refund), in respect of the same.
6. You must pay the Company in consideration of the seminar:
a) for the Investment Sum in one lump sum on the signing of the Registration Form by you without set off, deduction or counterclaim; or
b) if the Company as agreed that you may pay by Installment, you must pay each Installment to the company in full and at least fifty percent (50%) of the Investment Sum shall be settled four (4) weeks before the seminar and full payment of the Investment Sum shall be received two (2) weeks before the seminar; or
c) if the Company permits, an initial deposit of an amount determined by the Company is required to lock in the special offer on the day.
7. Payments made under this agreement must be made by the means specified in the Registration Form failing which the Company shall not be obliged to make any reservation for your attendance.
8. You acknowledge that you shall not be entitled, and shall not claim a refund for amount that you paid unless your refund request falls under Clause 14 stated herein. You further acknowledge that this is an essential term of this agreement on which we rely.
9. We have all the rights, and interest to all intellectual property used in performing the seminar services (subject to the rights of the Presenters) and all intellectual property including for marketing use that the company develops because of the performance of the seminar services. We shall have the absolute right to reproduce any images, texts, videos and such other material produced by you in relation to the seminar or the Company
10. In performing the seminar services for you, we do not transfer the rights to you in any intellectual property and the rights to all such Intellectual property remains with us.
11. You may not:
a) alter any of our intellectual property of the materials; or
b) copy or reproduce the content of the seminar services, or the Materials; or
c) take any illegal video and/or audio copies during the entire seminar duration at any point; or
d) sell the intellectual property of the Materials or supply any of them to third parties.


12. The Company:
a) excludes all terms, conditions and warranties implied by custom, the general law or statute, or which cause any part of this agreement to be void (‘Non-excludable condition’); 
b) limits the company’s liability to you for breach on any Non- excludable Condition to the total amount actually paid by you under this agreement;
c) limits the Company’s liability to you for any claim (whether arising in contract, tort or statute) for loss or damage suffered by you in relation to the performance of the seminar services to the total amount you actually paid under this agreement;
d) excludes all liability for consequential damage (including but not limited to loss in revenue or lost in profits) suffered by you in any way relating to the seminar services or your exercise of rights under this agreement.
e) Force Majeure – If the performance or performances as contemplated by this agreement are prevented or cancelled because of an act of God, an inevitable accident, fire, blackout, floor, or any other calamity, or outbreak of infectious disease, epidemics or pandemics, or if by reasons of strikes, or lockouts, or any other event beyond the direct control of both    parties then the promoter may at its option postpone the performance from the original performance date.
13. You acknowledge and agree that all details, recommendations,  information, documents and/or services provided during the conduct of the seminar merely for analytical and educational use only shall be the personal views of the Presenters and you shall conduct your own research and due diligence prior to making any investment or financial decisions and you shall not rely solely on the personal views of the Presenters prior to making such decisions.
14. You will receive electronic or written confirmation with receipt and conference address approximately 2 business days after acceptance of your completed registration form along with your payments. No payment will not be accepted on the day of the Seminar.
15. Cancellation requests received within 7 days from date of payment is allowed, and all payments made to the Company will be refunded and subjected to a 5% admin and finance charges on refund matters.
16. Cancellation after 7 days will not be entertained and all monies  paid will be forfeited.
17. All cancellations must be in writing.
18. This Seminar Package is only valid for 12 months from the date of sign-up & it is transferable to another person upon request in writing. Should the attendee of the Seminar Package fail to attend the seminar within this 12 months extension period, all monies will be forfeited.
19. If notified within 30 days prior to the seminar date that you want to defer to next intake, a fee of RM500 will be charged for late deferment fee.
20. The Company reserves the right to deny you entry or access    to the Seminar in the event any payment(s) stated herein remain(s) outstanding and is/are not duly paid to the Company.
22. You agree to indemnify the Company against all cost, loss or    damage to the Company, any of its affiliations or representatives due to your breach of this Agreement. In witness whereof, the parties have executed this contract, the date and year stated on the Registration Form written.
23. The Company reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.


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