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Decode the Property Game

3 hour workshop which teaches key property knowledge to the new learner

Road to Financial Freedom

Intense 3-day workshop which includes 9 winning strategies, 8 key criterias and 10 success pillars

Platinum Partnership

Find your stronger self and master the skills to be at the peak

Be a sales professional who closes high-ticket offers for a business.

For busy entrepreneurs looking for a Proven System To Quickly Scale And Grow Their Business.


Vince Academy


The new e-learning (Go Learn) platform stands on new revelation and and intervention by Vince Academy. With access to online learning,  resources and instruction, people from all over the world can gain skills and transform their lives in meaningful ways.

Everyone can learn everywhere, at any time, without a hassle and uncover ways create their own wealth through investing. No matter at which stage of life, Vince Academy Master Class will provide the best platform for you to build your wealth, gain the latest market insights and ultimately achieve financial freedom. 


Vincent Nee

Vincent Nee, who already a millionaire at a very young age, is keen on sharing the secrets of his success at his academy because he believes that everyone deserves a chance to make a good life.

In 2016, when he was running his hostel business (rent-to-rent), his staff and ex-partner took all the earnings and fled. He became heavily in debt and he received calls daily from many parties to demand for repayment. However, the unfortunate circumstance didn’t dishearten him. He told himself that if property investment can allow him to earn money and clear his debts. He’ll take that chance and start from scratch again.

He went to sign up several property investment workshop and rely on his credit card to pay the fees. But until he has signed up all the course level, he realized that the gurus conducting the classes were only trying to earn money out from the courses.

This propelled Vincent to start up his academy to educate others about the full property investment under three-days class at relatively affordable fee.

Vincent strongly believes in the concept of “wealth sharing”. He loves to share his knowledge and cultivate good talents. He firmly believes that by helping people avoid mistakes in life will help them achieve their dream faster.